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Valley Karate LLC COVID-19 Employee Policies & Procedures

Please contact the Program Administrator, Sarah Bergers 203-260-1619, with any questions regarding these policies and procedures.


Cleaning Plan: Commonly used areas shall be cleaned before and after each class.  

  • Spray/wipe sanitizer on dojang floors, lobby chairs and door handles (exterior and interior entry doors).

  • Spray/wipe sanitizer on bathroom appliances (toilet, sink, soap dispenser) and doorknobs.

  • Spray/wipe additional surfaces if touched/used.


Personal Protection:  Employees are required to wear face masks unless teaching on the studio floor where a minimum of 12 feet of distance can be maintained.  Employees are required to wear gloves and eye protection when cleaning.


Personal Hygiene:  Employees must:

  • Stay home if you are sick

  • Wash/sanitize hands when entering studio

  • Wash/sanitize hands frequently


Social Distancing: Markers are placed to maintain 12 feet of space between students on the dojang floor.  It is they employee’s responsibility to observe the students to ensure that they are properly spaced.  Seats in the lobby are spaced 6 feet apart.  Employees are to maintain a minimum of 12 feet from students on the dojang floor and 6 feet apart in the lobby.  Employees many not have physical contact with students.  If a parent/guardian/student needs to speak with an employee privately, use the office to provide space away from others and the plexiglass barrier at the desk (while wearing a mask).  Until further notice, a parent/guardian must be present on the dojang floor with their student in Lil’ Dragons classes to maintain social distancing between students.


Limit Contact with Equipment: Limit the use of wavemasters, target squares, and other items of contact.  Employees and fellow students are not permitted to use them with each other.  Wavemasters may only be used if spaced 12 feet apart where indicated on dojang floor and sanitized following use.  Target squares may only be used if a student holds it for him/herself or a Lil’ Dragons parent holds it for their child.  Target squares, if used, must be sanitized following use.


Operating Procedures:  Employees are responsible for following and enforcing the following:

  • 30 min. classes with 15 min. between classes to clean/sanitize

  • Students/families are encouraged to leave immediately following class so employees have time to clean/sanitize.

  • Lock door if necessary to limit entry during cleaning.

  • Prop exterior and interior doors open once cleaning/sanitizing is complete and students may enter for next class and limit contact with door handles.

  • Fans may NOT be used.

  • Students/Parents/Guardians must

    • Pre-register for class

    • Sanitize/wash hands upon entering

    • 1 Parent/Guardian per student may enter and must remain seated to allow for social distancing

    • Wear masks unless training on the studio floor where a minimum of 12 feet of distance can be maintained

    • Wear uniform to class (locker room is closed)

    • Leave shoes off dojang floor

    • Place mask in provided paper bag if not wearing the mask while training


Employee Roles:

  • Lead Instructor

    • Teach class in designated area attending to live students and zoom students

    • Observe students to maintain 12 foot distancing while training

    • Observe parents/guardians to maintain 6 foot distancing in lobby and use of masks.

    • Clean as indicated in Cleaning Plan

  • Assistant Instructor

    • Confirm students/parents/guardians are registered for class

    • Confirm students have completed COVID-19 waiver

    • Take student attendance

    • Observe students to maintain 12 foot distancing while training

    • Observe parents/guardians to maintain 6 foot distancing in lobby and use of masks

    • Assist Lead Instructor on zoom (mute/unmute participants, correct students)

    • Clean as indicated in Cleaning Plan


DAILY HEALTH CHECK: Upon entering daily, employees will be asked to confirm they have not experienced COVID-19 CDC-defined symptoms and to monitor their own symptoms, including cough, shortness of breath, or any two of the following symptoms: 

• Fever 

• Chills

 • Repeated shaking with chills 

• Muscle pain 

• Headache 

• Sore throat 

• New loss of taste or smell 

Employees should stay home if sick.

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