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If you wish to cancel this contract, you may cancel by mailing a written notice by certified or registered mail to the school . The notice must say that you do not wish to be bound by this contract and must be delivered or mailed before midnight of the third business day after you sign this contract. The notice must be delivered or mailed to: Valley Karate, LLC, 549 Howe Ave., Shelton, CT 06484.

*Valley Karate LLC reserves the right to alter the days, hours of operation and classes if deemed necessary.

* The student and co-signer agree unconditionally to pay the above tuition without regard to the attendance made or classes missed.

*The student agrees that correspondence may be sent via e-mail to the address provided. The student is responsible for ensuring that the e-mail address provided is correct and that correspondence is properly received.

*Any and all changes to payment including but not limited to payment cancellation and changes to payment terms require a minimum of 10 days notice. Notice to be provided by completing the Change of Payment form available at Valley Karate and on the website at www.valleykarate.org. Student/Payor is responsible for any payment due within the 10 day notice period and no refunds will be issued.




  1. Failure to attend class does not signify or imply notification to cancel this agreement.

  2. Student’s failure to continue lessons during the notification or program period does not relieve the obligation to pay the  remaining tuition balance in full.

  3. Undersigned assumes all responsibility for any costs of collection, including but not limited to reasonable collection agency fees, court costs, reasonable attorney's fees, and applicable late charges that may be incurred for default payments.

  4. School administrators may make any modifications in the class schedule as deemed necessary. Such modi fication does not relieve the undersigned of their payment obligations under any circumstances.

  5. School administrators may close the school on national holidays, for the purpose of special events, and a period not excee ding four weeks per year for necessary maintenance and other purposes without affecting scheduled tuition payments.

  6. The tuition costs for martial arts program are based on a 4 week month or a 48 week  year.

  7. By entering into the agreement the undersigned grants the school permission to use photographs, videotapes, artwork or other likenesses of the student for marketing, trade, publishing or any other lawful purpose.

  8. In consideration of the martial arts training obtained, student agrees not to engage in martial arts teaching practices within a 25 mile radius of the school, or any other school associated with the school’s administrators, for a period of 3 years following disassociation with the school, without written permission.

  9. Full payment of tuition fees does not guarantee Belt certification by school administrators.

  10. Membership is non-cancelable and non-transferable except as stated herein.

  11. Student’s failure to attend scheduled lessons relieves the obligation of the school to provide lessons after the program  end date.

  12. Undersigned authorizes the use of a disclosed e-mail address for billing purposes and acknowledges that e-mail text may include financial information pertaining to the membership.



Cancellation of ongoing membership requires the completion of an authorized Change of Payment Form which can be obtained from the school. The membership is cancelled when all payments due within the specified notification period are paid in full. If a notification period is not specified, a minimum of 60 days notice is implied. The student retains membership rights and privileges until the notification period expires. “TERM” agreements are non- cancelable unless stated herein. School administrators may raise the tuition rate of ongoing memberships providing advance notice equal to the cancellation notice stated herein.


Students with 6 or 12 month term memberships are responsible for completing the contract as stating herein. Once the term per iod is complete, the contract will convert to a month to month commitment. Once the membership is month to month, the  terms as stated above in Ongoing Memberships apply.



  1. This agreement may be cancelled for any reason without penalty or further obligation within 3 days from the date of this agreement. Cancellation shall be made in writing and issued to the school by dated mail. All money paid by you shall be refunded by the school within 30 days of receipt of this notice of cancellation. However, the school may retain expenses incurred and the portion of the total price representing the services used and completed based on the hourly rate of $ 35.00. Down payments are nonrefundableafter the 3 days.

  2. If student becomes disabled for at least three (3) months during the membership terms, you have a right to an extension of this agreement. A letter must be submitted to the school from the student's physician explicitly stating medical condition and estimated time unable to participate in the martial arts program.

  3. This agreement may be frozen for a period of no more than 2 months within a 12 month period. It may not be frozen for a period of less than 1 month at a time.

  4. You may cancel this agreement if the student changes residence more than 25 miles from the school. Cancellation under this section requires written proof of new permanent address, phone number, and name and address of new employer. Cancellation is effective the date of move or upon official notification to the school, whichever is later. A residence investigation may then be conducted.

  5. If student becomes deceased, you shall be relieved of further obligation under this agreement not then due and owing.6.5. This agreement may be canceled with (30) thirty day written notice at any time.



The following rules are to be observed by ALL MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL during sparring exercises:

  1. PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Participants must wear hand pads, kicking boots, head protective equipment, cup and mouthguard.

  2. CONTACT: Contact is forbidden! If, during a match, head or facial contact is made (whether accidental or not), immediate  disqualification will result.

  3. FOUL AREAS: Participants may direct hand and foot motions toward the following body areas of their opponent--front and sides of the head and anterior body from the neck to the waist. Any other area is illegal. Three fouls (whether accidental, or not) results in disqualificat ion from a match.


I have read and understood the Classroom Sparring Rules, agree to follow them and acknowledge that I have been provided with a copy of the same.



We, the student & guarantor, if applicable, on behalf of ourselves, members of our family, our heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, hereby forever release, discharge and hold harmless Valley Karate, LLC , representatives and agents of any injury, loss of damage to my person or property howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with taking part in martial arts classes and activities and notwithstanding that the same may have contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of Valley Karate LLC representatives or agents. Please note: participants must supply their own protective equipment.

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